Maryam Nawaz, Shahbaz Gill

You can’t get PM’s seat by holding a glass of ‘Jam-e-Shirin’, Shahbaz taunts Maryam

PTI leader and adviser Shahbaz Gill has taunted at Maryam Nawaz that she couldnt get a seat of the prime minister by holding a glass of ‘Jam e Shireen’.

In a press conference on Oct 13, Shahbaz appeared furious at the PML-N leader for her remarks earlier in the day that PM Imran ran government affairs through ‘magic’ or “Jaadu Tona”.

She made the jibe at the PM and his wife, known on social media as “Peerni”. Shahbaz addressed a presser shortly after Maryam’s to counter her claims.

He called Maryam “siyaasi churail” (political witch) while responding to her allegations.

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