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Writing on paper strengthens mind than using smartphone: research

Writing on paper has a profound effect on memory as compared to typing on a phone or tablet, Japanese experts say after an experiment, as the writing process is complex, unique and intuitive.

Konyoshi Sekai, a professor at the University of Tokyo, says the process of writing with a pen on paper is more complex than with an electronic document, and the information written from it strengthens the memory. He is a psychiatrist and with the help of volunteers he has clarified this concept.

In this experiment, writing was done on e-platforms and tablets with digital pen (styles) and some people ran pens on paper. It has been observed that writing on tablets etc. does not take force and as soon as you close it, the writing disappears. While writing with a pen on paper makes sense, it takes energy and words can be written in their own way. Experts now suggest that you keep a paper notebook with you in school because writing makes the memory process deeper and more effective.

The study involved 48 students between the ages of 18 and 29 who read about a mock conversation between characters. The characters in this story also included 14 references to class times, their work and engagements.

Volunteers were then divided into three groups based on their choice of writing on a note, paper or tablet, age, gender and other factors. Then on tablets, big smartphones and paper notebooks, different people were asked to write fictional events and engagements in exactly the same way as we do in ordinary life.

An hour later, they were asked various assignments, their step-by-step dates and other questions. During this time, all the people underwent an MRI scanner to monitor the blood flow to the brain, which is called functional MRI. In the process, those who were writing on paper had a sharp brain activity and answered all the questions in just 11 minutes, while the tablet users took 14 minutes to give the same answers. Smartphone owners responded even later, writing answers in 16 minutes.

The hippocampus, part of the memory in the brain, was also found to be more active in the process of writing, which was more pronounced in the case of writing on paper.

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