Woman, Hadiqa Kiani, hair loss

Woman sues Hadiqa Kiani for Rs 20 million over hair loss

A woman has sued famed singer Hadiqa Kiani for Rs 20 million after she undertook hair treatment at the latter’s salon and it reportedly caused damage to her hair.

The woman, named Zahida, also filed a separate Rs20-million claim against the owner of the Hadiqa Kiani Salon’s franchise in Faisalabad and demanded a compensation of Rs2.5 million worth of expenses.

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The woman claimed in the lawsuit that she suffered hair loss after visiting the beauty salon for a straightening treatment. She further alleged that it was the use of harmful creams that caused her hair to fall out, distorting her appearance.

Woman, Hadiqa Kiani, hair loss

A local court has summoned the singer, the salon’s franchise owner, Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad, as well as the district health officer on December 16.

The franchise owner said they would file a reply in the court over the matter.

Recently, a man on social media outraged Kiani after he called her ‘aunty’.

The singer took to Instagram and pointed out the comment, referring her…

“Aunty ab tumhari Allah Allah karne ki age hai.”

Kiani responded:  “Very unfortunate that the ageist hater comments always come from girls. I’ve blocked out her name because I don’t want anyone bullied but we have to do a better job raising our daughters to love themselves and other women.”

“Heads up ladies, you’re all going to age, you’re all going to gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds, get a few wrinkles and despite your success and independence, society will try to judge you and tell you to conform to their standards. But at least as women, we can’t limit one another any longer,” Hadiqa Kiani stated.

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