Faisalabad girl, Sheikh Danish

Woman, group of men arrested for humiliating Faisalabad girl over marriage proposal

A video was making rounds on Twitter showing a group of men brutally beating a woman for “refusing” a proposal from a man named Sheikh Danish in Faisalabad.

In order to feed his ego, a man and his crew abducted Khadija Mehmood, a medical student, from her home in Faisalabad. They mercilessly tortured her as punishment for rejecting a marriage proposal.

However, the culprits have been arrested after the disturbing videos went viral on social media.

On Aug 16, the accused Sheikh Danish and his associates not only sexually abused the victim girl Khadija but also recorded a video.

According to the details, the girl was taken from her home by force, by the accused Danish along with his daughter Ana Sheikh and guards.

The accused persons took the girl to their residence at University Town, Faisalabad and forced her to lick their shoes and made a video of such a humiliating episode.

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