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Why PM Imran didn’t attend the crucial National Security Committee meeting?

Following the reservations from the opposition, Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided not to attend the meeting — the in-camera meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security held in the National Assembly on July 1 — in the interest of national interest.

Opposition criticized PM Imran Khan for not attending the high-level security briefing to lawmakers a day earlier.

Sources said that opposition had raised reservations over Imran Khan s participation in the meeting. He was always willing to attend meeting of Parliamentary Committee and the only reason of his not coming to meeting was reservations conveyed to Assembly Secretariat by some opposition leaders.

“The opposition had informed National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser that they would walk out of the meeting if PM attended the meeting,” sources added.

Later, a spokesman of the National Assembly Secretariat said that Prime Minister Imran Khan did not attend the Thursday’s meeting of Parliamentary Committee on National Security following the reservations by “some opposition leaders.”

The spokesman dubbed the media report regarding non participation of Prime Minister of Pakistan in meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security held in July 1, 2021 as factually incorrect.

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