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WHO reiterates its appreciation for Pakistan’s COVID-19 response

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has appreciated the response of the federal and provincial governments in effectively containing the coronavirus outbreak during a review meeting regarding Pakistan’s virus strategy.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Health Dr Faisal Sultan chaired the debriefing session of the WHO mission from the Eastern Mediterranean region in Islamabad on Friday.

The mission – which is visiting Pakistan from October 14-24 – reviewed lessons learnt from Pakistan’s COVID-19 response with a focus on areas such as surveillance, point of entry, risk communication, community engagement, and continuity of essential health services.

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While presenting its findings, the WHO mission appreciated the response of the federal and provincial government in combating the contagious disease in the country.

The SAPM on health also appreciated the efforts of the WHO mission and the WHO Country Office in identifying gaps and recommendations in suggested areas of International Health Regulations 2005.

WHO Pakistan chief Dr Palitha Mahipala was also present during the meeting.

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