Ramazan exercise

What is the best time for exercise during fasting in Ramazan?

While the month of Ramazan brings a message of human health, it is very important to know that during Ramazan What is the best time to exercise?

According to medical experts, one should not stop exercising even during the month of Ramazan, but the benefits of exercise are doubled in this month. There are many health benefits of exercising during Ramazan, including clear weight loss.

The following is the best time to exercise during Ramazan, as recommended by medical and fitness experts.

According to medical experts, we should refrain from exercising after fasting in Ramazan or during the day. By fasting, we need energy throughout the day so that we can lead a normal life during fasting. As usual, if exercise is done in the morning during Ramazan, it can cause harm instead of benefit.

According to medical experts, numerous studies have shown that the best and most beneficial time to exercise in the month of Ramazan is before Iftar. According to experts, 30 to 45 minutes before Iftar, the stomach is empty and it is humane to exercise on an empty stomach. This is a very useful process for health, during which exercising like a normal routine can result in burning 400 to 500 extra calories without any extra effort.

According to medical and fitness experts, if there is no time before Iftar and if you cannot exercise, then the second best time is 2 hours after Iftar, when the food eaten in Iftar has been digested and the person is feeling light. Yes, even then the stomach is a little empty.

The third best time to exercise during Ramazan is 1 to half an hour before dawn. If you have the energy and consistency to wake up and exercise before dawn on a daily basis, then use this time wisely. Can

Experts recommend not exercising for more than 30 to 35 minutes during Ramazan.

Light jogging, rope jumping, jumping jacks and squats can be done on a daily basis during Ramazan.

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