MAN, CAKE, SHOOTING, Baghpat, Uttar pradesh

WATCH: Man celebrates birthday by ‘shooting’ his cake

A youth in an Indian state was seen cutting into a cake by shooting at it in Baghpat area of Uttar Pradesh, locals said.

The incident was filmed and posted on social media. Between 10 and 15 young men had gathered at the scene.


It showed the unnamed man holding a gun while another held the cake. The cake was placed on the ground while the man’s friends were seen excitedly recording the video.

After the cake was placed down, the man fires into the cake. The gunshot was met with cheers from his friends.

Prior to the incident, the men were seen running on the road, shouting and brandishing weapons such as knives and guns.

While it is unclear when the celebratory gunfire happened, the broad daylight incident is believed to have taken place in the Sarurpur Khedki area of Baghpat.

The video attracted attention and this included the Inspector General of Meerut range. They wrote on Twitter:

“Baghpat Police, kindly look into it and take necessary action.”

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