Walmart Tshirt, All Lives Matter, Canada

Walmart under fire for selling ‘All Lives Matter’ T-shirt on their website

Walmart Canada has undergone a social media firestorm after it was discovered that a T-shirt bearing the phrase “All Lives Matter” was being sold on their website.

For those unaware, “All Lives Matter” has come to be associated with prejudice, as it’s often uttered as a rejoinder to the call “Black Lives Matter”.

It erases the specific meaning of “Black Lives Matter” which is to highlight anti-black racism in society.

One user wrote on Goal website: The message of [Black Lives Matter] is not that Black lives matter more. It is not that the lives of Caucasian people don’t matter. 

It is that Black lives matter just as much.

Saying “All Lives Matter” is now perceived as, at best, ignoring the very real racism Black individuals face and, at worst, being guilty of actively perpetuating it.

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