TV anchor, pilot, ejaculate, eject, TV anchor ejaculation, Aisha Ehtesham

VIDEO: TV anchor trolled for mistakenly calling pilot ejection as ‘ejaculation’

A programme host of a private TV channel was trolled online after she mistakenly referred ejection of a pilot from plane as ‘ejaculation’

Aisha Ehtesham of Neo News was  reading out a story of PAF jet crash in Islamabad on March 11 and seeking expert opinion of retired Air Marshal Shahid Latif when she mistook ‘ejaculation’ for ‘ejection’.

WATCH the video:

The Twitterati spotted the mistake and scores of people shared the video, asking whether the anchor really didn’t know the meaning of the two words.

Here’re the reactions:

TV anchor, pilot, ejaculate, eject, TV anchor ejaculation

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