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VIDEO: PTI leader claims tomatoes available in market for Rs 5 per kg

Another leader of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was found oblivious to the price of tomato, after MPA Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi said that the tomatoes are being sold at Rs5 per kg.

“Tomatoes are being sold at five rupees per kilogram across Punjab and Sindh,” said Qureshi, while talking to local media, according to a report.

The statement may sound like a slip of tongue; however, the ruling party’s MPA from Punjab remained adamant, saying, “in Punjab, tomatoes are being sold at Rs15 per kg, whereas, in Sindh the rate of tomato is around Rs5-Rs10 per kg.”

Meanwhile, as per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) latest weekly indices, the price of tomatoes as of 13th February 2020 was recorded at Rs46.06 per kg. However, the rates have dropped considerably since the tomato crisis last year, which saw tomato rates jump to Rs400 per kg.

The MPA further said that the Punjab government imposed over Rs150 million in penalties on flour mills in order to curb the flour crisis.

Back in November, the Advisor to Prime Minister on finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh drew the ire of public after he was found completely oblivious about the price of tomatoes in the market and said it was being sold in wholesale market at Rs17 per kg. Whereas, tomatoes were being sold for Rs200-250 per kg and its price reached as high as Rs300 per kg in that period.

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