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VIDEO: Mahira Khan under fire for taking part in rally without ‘Dupatta’

Actress Mahira Khan is being criticized on social media for not wearing a headscarf in a pro-Palestinian rally.

On May 19, a pro-Palestinian protest was held outside the Karachi Press Club in which a large number of people, including Pakistani artists Mahira Khan, Shehryar Munawar, Nadia Hussain, Sanam Jung, singer Falak Shabbir, social activist Jibran Nasir and political activist Farooq Sattar Many celebrities attended and expressed solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

While the pro-Palestinian voices raised by the artists on social media were appreciated, a large number of people focused only on the fact that Mahira Khan had joined the protest without a headscarf. 

And people started criticizing her. On social media, people criticized the photos and videos of Mahira Khan’s participation in the protest, saying, “You are a Muslim. Where is your dupatta?”, While some people said that not taking the dupatta would catch you.

When the criticism on social media escalated, Yasir Hussain and actor Ahmed Ali Butt raised their voices in support of Mahira Khan and responded to the critics. Look in your eyes, not in a woman’s dress.

Yasir Hussain responded to the critics of Mahira Khan by saying, “Get out of your clothes and talk about the real issue. Fear God.”

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