PTV, news anchors, then and now

The news anchors of PTV: Then and Now

PTV News has its legacy spanning over decades. And the Channel has a separate fan base of millions who have been through this time and still reminisces about the days which were dubbed ‘Golden Era’ of Pakistan Television industry.

1. Shaista Zaid

Shaista Zaid served the PTV as news anchor for around 40 years of service. Most of the people still fondly remember her.

PTV, news anchors, then and now

2. Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal is also one of the prominent names of the Pakistan TV industry.

3. Ishrat Fatima

Ishrat Fatima

Ishrat Fatima is widely known as a prominent anchor from early days of PTV. The news anchor currently works at Radio Pakistan now and is very active on Twitter. 

4. Masroor Kazmi

Masroor Kazmi

The Pakistan TV viewers cannot forget Masroor Kazmi’s name while recalling the names and faces of PTV news anchors. His voice and expressions are still matchless.

5. Khalid Hameed Baig

Khalid Hameed Baig

Having famed working with the PTV, Khalid Hameed Baig now reportedly works for the Voice of America.

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