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Is Veena Malik no more ‘health conscious’?

Pakistani actress Veena Malik shared a candid video on Twitter with her son and the TV star looks as if she is no more bothered about ‘health consciousness’.

The actress can be seen quite joyous playing with her son in a car and shoots a 8-second clip (WATCH BELOW).

In 2017, Veena Malik in an appearance on a television show alleged that her husband had been physically abusive towards her, days after news surfaced that she had filed for khula from Asad Khattak in January.

While in another interview, she had said before religious transformation she always felt a space in her life despite having all the luxuries and fame. However, now she was satisfied with her life.

This should also be noted that in the past, the actress has remained under fire for taking up bold roles in movies and for being part of reality shows.

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