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US actress Julianne Hough shocks fans with her stunt!

American dancer and actress Julianne Hough has shared a video of herself performing a brave and astounding stunt. The actress posted the video to convey an inspiring message to her fans.

In the video, the professional dancer is seen jumping off the edge of a cliff into the water below.

“Yes, I slipped! I could have freaked out and ended up hurting myself, but instead, I stayed connected and focused and I trusted my body, not my head!”

Sharing her priceless words of wisdom, Julianne stressed, “I say this because in life, we WILL slip up, make mistakes, or maybe outside circumstances will put you in slippery situations. Commit and trust, even while you are going down baby…”

In her post on the photo and video-sharing app, Julianne has shared two videos of herself making an amazing and impressive dive from the height. The two videos show the jump from two different angles.

Her dive may look perfect but Julianne revealed that she slipped as she jumped.

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