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Two police officers in Lahore sell out check post for bribe

Inquiry against police officers involved in occupation of Sabzi Mandi check post in Township, Lahore has been completed, which found the cops guilty.

SP Security Sardar Moharhan completed the detailed inquiry report on the seizure of the police post five months later and sent it to IG Punjab. In the inquiry, DSP Zulfiqar Butt and SHO Abrar Shah were found guilty. IG Punjab Inam Ghani suspended both the officers involved in corruption.

SP Security Sardar Moharhan said that both the police officers had seized the police post with collusion. It has been decided to take departmental action against both the police officers. ۔

Sardar Moharhan said in the report that an inquiry report has been sent to LDA officials regarding Akram Saeed. DSP Zulfiqar Butt and SH Owais Shah are likely to be sacked. Both of them had sold huge amount of bribe money to the police station private individuals.

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