Sidra Iqbal

TV host Sidra Iqbal snapped during Ramazan transmission

Pakistan’s one of the decent TV show hosts, Sidra Iqbal, had her picture trending online from the sets of Ramazan transmission.

Iqbal is hosting Ramazan transmission at one of the private TV channels.

Sidra Iqbal is also one the prominent TV hosts of Pakistan and has proved her grit with her matchless talent. Sidra is often invited to host official public events, meetings and ceremonies as functions of major private organisations because of her amazing talent.

ALSO SEE: Meet Sidra Iqbal – Pakistan’s prominent host and TCF’s Goodwill Ambassador

The Citizens Foundation recently made renowned journalist Iqbal as its Goodwill Ambassador to raise awareness on how quality education has the power to help society change for the better.

As a Goodwill Ambassador, Sidra will be working alongside the TCF team, using her influence to create awareness for the education emergency in Pakistan and highlight how TCF is working on the grass-root level to take education to the most difficult parts of the country for the less privileged children.

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