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TV anchor Gharida Farooqi thanks Russia, UAE after getting vaccinated

TV anchor Gharida Farooqi got the first dose of Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik and expressed gratitude to the foreign country for dispatching it to Pakistan.

She said in her tweet: “Got jabbed. Sputnik V. 1st dose. Alhamdulillah. Feeling all fine. Thanks AGP Pharma for bringing it to. Russia & UAE for serving humanity. May the vaccine be available sooner to each & everyone Health prayers for all. Save the free for deserving.

Thousands of Pakistanis rushed to get inoculated in the first round of commercial sales of COVID-19 vaccines that began over the weekend, with vaccination sites in the southern city of Karachi saying on Sunday they had already sold out.

Pakistan is currently offering free vaccines to frontline healthcare workers and people over the age of 50, but the drive has thus far been slow, and last month the country allowed commercial imports by the private sector for the general public.

The first round saw the commercial sale of the two-shot Russian Sputnik V to the general public for about 12,000 Pakistani rupees ($80) for a pack of two doses.

Despite the cost, a number of centres offering the shot reported long queues, with some in Karachi waiting in line for close to three hours. Most in the queue were young Pakistanis still not eligible for government’s free vaccination.

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