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VIDEO: Three-year-old girl ‘taken away’ by kite in Taiwan

Horrified onlookers have watched helplessly on as a three-year-old girl flew several metres in the air after becoming tangled in the strings of a kite.

The unidentified girl was taking part in a kite festival on Sunday in the seaside town of Nanlioao when she was caught up by a giant, long-tailed orange kite.

Video shot at the scene showed her twisting several times above a crowd of adults who struggled to pull the kite back to earth.

News reports said the girl was frightened but suffered no physical injuries in the incident.

Kites have previously been linked to dangerous encounters.

In 2019 a Chinese man had three fingers sliced off after his kite got caught in strong winds.

The man, aged in his 50s, was flying a big kite in the Chinese city of Nantong when he tried to reel it in after spotting dark clouds approaching.

He lost three fingers while his friend’s hand was almost cut in two by the kite’s 2mm-thick line.

The man’s fingers were reattached during surgery and his injured friend’s palm had to be sewn back.

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