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This textile brand has launched ‘anti-corona fabric’ to fight the virus

A men’s fashion textile brand in India has launched an anti-corona range of fabric, which is drawing attention of the public.

Siyaram’s announced the range, tested by WHO (World Health Organisation) approved labs, to fight against the spread of pandemic last week.

The new anti-corona fabric provides a protection from the virus and is developed in association with HealthGuard, an Australia-based company which has been working in non-invasive healthcare for 25 years. The company’s statement says that they are dedicated to research and development of safe and innovative biotech solutions, the company said in a statement.

The new fabric guarantees 99.94 per cent effectiveness against coronavirus and has non-leaching properties compared to other metal based chemistry products, making the treated layer of fabric to not dissolve in water, it added. The fabric is also made from natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, and the non-leaching properties ensure that the fabric has a smooth and soft feel.

In a statement, Ramesh Poddar, CMD of Siyaram’s Silk Mills Ltd said that 90% of our body is covered with clothes and viruses have the tendency to thrive on the surface of fabrics for longer hours increasing the exposure of humans to the infection.

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