Peshawar, vehicles, smoke emitting

This Pakistani province will take action against vehicles emitting smoke

The district administration of Peshawar has decided to take action against vehicles that emit smoke and cause noise pollution.

As part of its new environmental pollution control campaign, the city has given motorists two months to get their vehicles fixed. After this, if a vehicle is seen emitting smoke or making a lot of noise, its owner will be fined and the vehicle will be seized.

According to the administration, a fitness test for vehicles has also been made compulsory. Drivers will be educated about the negative impact bad engines have on the environment to encourage them to get the tests done and repair their vehicles.

The result of the test will have to be shown to traffic police officers.

Earlier, Peshawar reported 59% of harmful particles in its air, while according to the international standard the maximum percentage can be is 35%.

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