Man wife remains, Man, man wife bed, Le Van, Vietnam

WATCH: This man is sharing a bed with wife’s dead body for 16 years

A Vietnamese man dug up his wife’s remains, sealed them in a plastic sculpture and has been living with her for the last 16 years.

Mr. Le Van and his wife were married in 1975 and had seven children.

In 2003, Mr. Van, who was working away from home, received a news that his wife had suddenly died.

Man, man wife bed, Le Van, Vietnam

He used to spend most of his time at the cemetery, sleeping on his wife’s grave, but after a few months, he started worrying about bad weather and rain.

He decided that the best way to stay close to his deceased wife was to dig a tunnel into her grave, so he could sleep next to her. However, his children forbade him to go to cemetery for sleep.

One night, Mr. Van dug his wife’s grave and recovered all her remains and then filled them into a plastic woman statue to sleep with her.


Recently on the contrary, a man in his mid-30s in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district of India was arrested by the police recently for allegedly murdering his wife for spending too much time on Facebook.

The accused, Gomathinayagam, alleged that his 33-year-old wife defied him and spent too much time chatting with her male friends on Facebook, reported the India Today.

Police said that after repeated questioning, Gomathinayagam finally confessed to murdering his wife, Muthumari, six days ago, the Hindustan Times reported.

The accused has been remanded to 15 days’ custody by Sankarankoil judicial magistrate, Vijayalakshmi.

A police officer from Sankarankoil, where Gomathinayagam lives, said that the accused had lodged a complaint last Thursday stating that his wife was found dead in their house with deep cuts on her body.

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