Aamir Liaquat, Syeda Tuba

This is how Aamir Liaquat’s former wife reacted to post-mortem order

The body of popular TV host and Islamic scholar Aamir Liaquat Hussain is scheduled to be exhumed this Thursday (June 23) in order to determine the cause of his sudden death, as per the orders of the judicial magistrate (East) in Karachi.

The magistrate had approved a petition seeking the post-mortem of Hussain, who was found dead at his residence earlier this month.

However, the order garnered a negative reaction and the anchorperson’s second wife Syeda Tuba Anwar was also among those who reacted strongly.

Taking to her official Twitter account, Tuba termed the exhumation of Hussain’s body a week after his passing as “extremely distressful for those grieving the loss”.

She said that the authorities should have performed an autopsy before Hussain’s burial if they deemed it necessary.

Tuba, however, said that Allah is the disposer of all affairs, praying that the process “be easy for the deceased and his acquaintances.”

“If the authorities deemed to perform a postmortem examination of #AamirLiaquat, perhaps it would’ve been better to do so on the day of his passing. To exhume his mortal remains, for a postmortem examination more than a week after his departure, is extremely distressful for those grieving this loss. However I trust in Allah’s Will. I believe Allah Pak is the best disposer of our affairs. May Allah Pak make this easy for the deceased and the acquaintances. Aameen,” she wrote.

Tuba was Hussain’s second wife. They got married in 2018 but the couple parted ways after 14 months of separation with Tuba announcing a khula on February 9.

Earlier, Hussain’s former wife Dr Bushra Iqbal had conducted a poll on who favours the exhumation and autopsy of the deceased televangelist after his burial. She raised several questions about the decision and urged fans to be vocal about it as the autopsy “is a painful procedure for dead people and Islam doesn’t allow it”.

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