Shaun Tait Pakistan

‘They send me when we lose badly’ – Pakistan bowling coach Tait at press conference

Pakistani bowling coach Shaun Tait left reporters stunned with a quip about an embarrassing defeat faced by the Team Green in sixth game of the seven-match T20I series against England on Friday.

“So when we lose badly they send me. They send me when we get beaten badly,” Tait gave witty remarks before the formal start of the press conference after the visiting team crushed Pakistan by eight wickets.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) media coordinator was quick to intervene as he switched off the Tait’s microphone and said something to him.

It seemed that the coordinate conveyed the coach that his statement might create problems for the board.

However, his reaction has gone viral on social media where social media users are sharing their views about Pakistan’s bowling lineup.

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