Suzuki Bolan, price, Pakistan

The price of Suzuki Bolan – introduced in 1979 in Pakistan – sees another increase!

Pak Suzuki has raised its Bolan carry and Ravi pickup prices by Rs35,000.

Following the new hike, the Ravi pickup’s price has crossed Rs1 million and it will now be selling at Rs1,034,000. The price increase is applicable from August 10, according to a report.

Meanwhile, the two variants of Bolan passenger and cargo vans will now cost Rs1,134,000 and Rs1,075,000 respectively.

“Suzuki is posting losses since the last six quarters and it is expected that the company will post the biggest loss in the seventh consecutive quarter that ended in June 2020,” JS Global Capital’s Senior Research Analyst Ahmed Lakhani said.

“A reason for increasing prices at this point could be that these products are simply not feasible at the current price levels, given the current Pakistan rupee versus US dollar scenario.”

The Bolan is based on the ST90V version of the seventh generation Suzuki Carry, which was introduced in 1979. The Ravi is its pickup version. 

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