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‘The army obeys what I say’: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has claimed that he was not being pressurized from the army, saying it never happened in the past as well.

During an interview, Imran said there was no pressure from the army on the government in making the foreign policy, which was based on the PTI’s manifesto.

“The question of resistance to the army comes when they put pressure on me, but there is not even single thing, which I wanted to do and they asked me not to do,” he said in an interview with a local private television channel.

“So far nothing has happened that they have to confuse with the army, but the army obeys what I say,” he added.

For example, Imran said, it was his belief from day one that there was no military solution to the Afghan issue and today what the government did with regard to the Afghan peace process had been acknowledged by the world.

Replying to another question, he said neither anyone pressured him nor could anyone do so adding that pressure would be on those, who would be fond of power and would then make compromises to remain in power.

He said the past rulers always claimed that they had conflict with the army due to its interference in the foreign policy.

Imran said he always advocated against military solution to the Afghan conflict and now they were pursuing the same policy.

Imran said he was unlike those who came into power to build factories and flats abroad adding that the ISI, being the world’s outstanding agency, knew everything when a prime minister would make a call or talk to someone, as it was their duty to protect the government head.

Imran said his government believed in strengthening the institutions.

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