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Survey claims 1 in 3 women watch ‘vulgar videos’ at least once a week

More than a third of women watch pornography at least once a week, a survey has found, which was conducted by Spain-based firm.

According to a survey report published by The Independent, these numbers are a few years old, but we think they’re worth paying attention to.

The research by Typeform for Marie Claire also shows how the digital age has made porn more accessible: 90% of the 3,000 female respondents said they watched it online, and 2/3 said they watched it on their smartphones.

The survey is part of a documentary project carried out by photographer Amanda de Cadenet and the magazine, Marie Claire. The photographer said she wanted to embark upon the project because women’s relationship to porn has been “hugely underreported.”

 “Porn is here to stay, and we have to learn to negotiate it, as sexual beings ourselves, who may or may not be viewers, and as partners,” she said.

What does survey say in numbers

In the survey, 31% of the women said they watched porn every week and another 30% said they did so a few times a month.

When asked what kind of porn they gravitated towards, they answered the following:

63% Heterosexual

44% Lesbian

31% It’s a mixed bag

28% Hardcore

26% Softcore/”artsy”

13% Gay male

13% Not listed here

The majority of the women preferred to watch porn alone, with two-thirds saying they never watched it with a partner. Of the respondents, 70% were aged between 18 and 34. More than half of them were in a relationship.

The world’s most popular porn site released analytics from their site not long ago, showing that the site’s total porn consumers is comprised of 29% women, and that these are spending much longer watching porn, staying on the site for an average of almost 11 and a half minutes.

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