Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar faces ‘attempted sexual assault’ in Karachi

Actress Srha Asghar has filed a first information report (FIR) against a man, identified as Asim, alleging that he had tried sexually assaulting her in Karachi.

According to police sources, the incident took place on August 1 when the actress went to the market to run errands.

The FIR has been registered at the Shah Faisal Police Station on the complaint of Umar Murtaza — who is Srha’s husband.

In the statement given to the law enforcement agency, Srha claimed that a person started following her and catcalling while she was returning from the market.

She further told the police that the suspect followed her to her home and tried touching her due to which her clothes were also torn.

According to the statement, Srha rang the doorbell and called her husband from the house. This also led to a fight between her husband and the suspect.

Srha’s husband and her neighbours then took the man to the police station.

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