Solar refrigerator, ice

Solar refrigerator that keeps food cold without ice

Mobile refrigerators are in dire need, especially in poor countries. Mobile refrigerators are also essential for the cold chain of vaccines.

A revolutionary solar-powered refrigerator is now at the forefront of Internet crowdfunding.

Goshen Chalist works entirely on solar energy. It has two compartments that provide deep cooling up to minus four degrees Celsius. Due to its properties, it is a completely outdoor refrigerator that can be taken anywhere.

With a capacity of 45 liters, this mobile refrigerator can produce cooling up to minus 20 but without any ice because its powerful battery works on the air conditioning system. A powerful battery stores enough energy to keep it active for up to 10 hours without any sunlight.

It has a bottle opener, lifting straps, indoor lighting, 12 volt backup power and two main cooling boxes. On one side is the fridge and on the other side is the freezer which has no sign of ice. This way the items are protected from freezing. You can use ice-protected items immediately.

With no ice, it has exceptional capacity and the temperature can be controlled with a touch screen. It can hold 60 cans of soft drinks, vegetables, fruits, meat, food, medicine and other items. If the atmosphere is cloudy, it can be charged directly with AC power. The power bank can be purchased by spending extra money.

The invention is priced at 11 1,150 and will go on sale in July this year.

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