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Shruti Haasan reveals how it feels to be in the film industry

Shruti Haasan, who made her acting debut with a Hindi film, Luck, and has since went on to do films in Telugu and Tamil, says there’s always been one thing that she found difficult.

“I’m born and brought up in the South India, and I’m very proud. I work in Telugu and Tamil cinema and they’re as equal, if not more important, as my stint in Bollywood. For me, they all are different industries, and I had to navigate two industries here itself,” says Haasan in an interview, adding that things function quite differently in Hindi film industry.

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“What happens in Mumbai (Bollywood) is, if you’re not sitting there at their beck and call, people feel you are not as committed, which is just not true. It’s just that I am committed to multiple languages. That’s the beauty of our country,” she explains.

Not sitting and waiting for only Hindi films is a definite decision that Haasan took.

“People used to ask me ‘Abhi aap picture nahi kar rahe ho’, just because they wouldn’t see me in a Hindi film. And I’d tell them that’s not the only industry. That’s an internal thing clear in my head. You know what, if I’m not part of a rat race and people think I’m stupid because I’m not doing something they expect me to, that’s fine. I’ve been here for 11 years, and it’s been a beautiful journey,” confesses the 34-year-old.

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