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Shocking post goes viral on social media claiming Indus dolphins being raped by locals in Sindh

A post is making rounds on Twitter, claiming a tradition in rural Sindh where locals net a blind dolphin and subject it to sexual assault for disturbing reason.

According to the post, whose authenticity is still not confirmed, the locals rape dolphins because its genetilia resembles of that of a woman.

The post is being shared by a number of people.

A similar story was carried by a local website in 2017 describing about an alleged tradition in rural Sindh of raping Indus dolphins, a subspecies of freshwater river dolphin found in the Indus river.

The article titled “Disgusting tradition of having sex with blind dolphins in Sindh” was initially published in Urdu blog.

No official information could be gleaned about the report. It is believed that these allegations could be a part of tarnishing image of Pakistan globally, as Indus dolphins are at the verge of extinction and they are endangered species and the international NGOs & organizations call for their safety.

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