Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill calls out bodyguards for pushing fans

Shehnaaz Gill has received immense love from her fans. She tries her best to give some of it back by being protective of them.

She is one of those few celebrities who don’t shy away from public attention and mingle with the crowd. On her recent trip to Dubai, she was seen schooling her bodyguards as they tried to push her fans away.

In the viral video, Shehnaaz can be seen surrounded by fans who’re mildly pushing her too as they try to take pictures with her. Guards try to push them away and Shehnaaz scolds them for doing so. Shehnaaz furiously asks guard what the problem is when she is keen to take pictures.

The incident moved the crowd so much that they clapped to appreciate Shehnaaz’s gesture. She said, “Kya problem kya hai, panic kyun ho rahe ho? Kya karne aaye hain woh yahan pe, (bas) photo lene.”

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