Shaniera Akram, Karachi, Sea View

Shaniera Akram disappointed to see dirt on Karachi beach again

Shaniera Akram, who has always been at the forefront of social work and raises her voice on social issues, appeared disappointed to see piles of dirt on a Sea View beach in Karachi.

On social networking site Twitter, Akram shared her new photo in which she is on the beach and it can be seen that there is plastic waste lying around her.

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“Even after struggling to clean up Sea View’s filth, it’s heartbreaking to see this plastic waste,” she said.

Wasim Akram’s wife addressed the people of Pakistan and said, ‘Come on! We all make a commitment, we will protect our environment this year and reuse plastic.

Shaniera said: “I have gone out to fulfill this promise. Will you also fulfill your promise?”

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