Shaniera Akram, Lahore, rape, woman

Shaniera Akram calls rapists ‘low life scum with microscopic genitals’

Shaniera Akram, wife of Pakistan cricket legend Wasim Akram, has called out rapists who assaulted a woman in Lahore and demanded strict punishment for them.

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In a Twitter message, Shaniera said: “Hey Rapists,Real men don’t force themselves on anyone but you wouldn’t know that because you’re all weak,low life scum with microscopic genitals.And when you hurt our sisters & our children,then you hurt us all. Be scared,We are coming for YOU!”

Shaniera Akram, Lahore, rape, woman

She said she was shocked to the core after learning the barbaric incident where the culprits raped woman in front of her children.

Shaniera Akram, Lahore, rape, woman

She wrote: “This poor woman stuck on a highway, did the right thing and called for help, there was none, the result is her children had to watch helplessly as two thugs raped their mother. Broken. Absolutely broken hearing more and more of these stories. Things have to change NOW.”

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