Hina Ashfaq

SEE: Hina Ashfaq raises eyebrows as her latest photoshoot goes viral

Hina Ashfaq, a name synonymous with stunning beauty and remarkable talent in the Pakistani fashion and entertainment industry, embarked on her illustrious journey in showbiz through the iconic TV reality show, “Miss Veet Pakistan.”

Her foray into the television industry was marked by her debut drama, “Munkir,” which graced the screens in 2017. Subsequently, Hina’s star continued to rise as she featured in Express TV’s hit drama serial, “Masters.”

However, it was her role in Geo TV’s acclaimed drama “Alif” that catapulted her to widespread recognition and admiration. In “Alif,” Hina Ashfaq portrayed the character of Qalb-e-Momin’s (played by Hamza Ali Abbasi) secretary, winning accolades for her convincing acting and impeccable styling.

Ashfaq has become a familiar face on television, thanks to her stellar performances in popular dramas and memorable appearances in television commercials. Beyond her professional achievements, she is known for her friendly and vivacious personality.

However, she recently found herself at the centre of controversy when she shared a series of photos from a photoshoot conducted in her hotel room. The photo shoot featured her in a hotel bathrobe, and while she looked adorable in the pictures, it sparked criticism and trolling from some quarters of social media.

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