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‘Do not sit on front seats of vehicles’: Security alert issued for Chinese citizens in Karachi

The authorities have issued an Emergency Security Alert (ESA) notice for its citizens after attack on a Chinese officer last week in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) of Karachi.

The official ESA mentioning the Saturday’s incident, which according to local police was a robbery attempt, warned Chinese citizens residing in Karachi to take proper precautionary measures and keep maximum security with them socially while going outside and in public places.

The security alert stated that according to reliable information received by the Chinese Consulate, there were several criminal organisations that want to attack and kill Chinese people, therefore, the Consulate General in Karachi reminded Chinese institutions and people living in Karachi that they must remain on maximum security alert, take all precautions and reduce the number of trips they have to take to avoid casualties.

Chinese Consulate suggested its citizens to keep sufficient security while going out and always pay attention to the surrounding situation, avoid driving vehicles, not sit in the front seats of their vehicles, always sit on back seat to reduce the risk of attacks.

On March 9, a car of Nobin, a Chinese citizen, said to be an officer of a cellular company, came under attack from unknown armed motor-bikers. Nobin remained unhurt while his Pakistani driver Abdul Rehman received a bullet wound.

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