Sarwat Gillani, virgin, Pakistan showbiz industry

Sarwat Gillani apprises fans of her cosmetic procedures and wardrobe choices

Sarwat Gillani’s career has been on a roll since her latest venture, Churails. Her spectacular performance has caused a stir and got her rave reviews from critics.

In a recent interview, Sarwat talked about a lot of things as she sat down with Maliha Rehman by “Gloss ETC”.

During the conversation, Sarwat discussed the criticism she faced on her wardrobe choice at Cannes Film Festival.

Talking about Pakistanis, she said, “It’s about general mindset. Pakistanis’ mindset is all about leg pulling. Pakistanis are famous for leg pulling and it’s a rare chance that they praise or appreciate anyone. It will take a long time to change the Pakistani mindset.”

She also discussed how Indians praise the celebrities for whatever they have done because they have nationalism and it has taken them a while to get there. “We don’t have nationalism at all,” added Sarwat.

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