Sana Khan, Mufti Anas

Sana Khan’s husband in love with her wife’s ‘charming pictures’

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan, who recently tied the knot, is adored by her husband in new photos and he expressed his love on the social media.

On Instagram, Sana Khan has shared her photos in which she is seen wearing a beautiful green dress and at the same time wearing jewelery.

The former Bollywood actress thanked Allah Almighty for everything and wrote in the caption ‘Alhamdulillah’.

Sana Khan, Mufti Anas

While a large number of Sana Khan’s fans are liking her pictures, the former actress’s husband Mufti Anas is also not far behind.

Mufti Anas expressed his love for his wife by making heartfelt emojis in the comment section on her charming pictures.

Sana Khan shared these photos of herself on Instagram just 22 hours ago, which has received more than 436,000 likes so far, while the series of comments is also continuing.

It may be recalled that former Bollywood actress Sana Khan has recently married a man named Mufti Anas from the Indian state of Gujarat.

On this occasion, Sana Khan posted a picture of her marriage with her husband Mufti Anas on Instagram and said, “We loved each other for the sake of Allah Almighty and we married each other only for the sake of Allah Almighty.”

Sana Khan started her career in Bollywood with modeling, dance and acting. She also participated in Bigg Boss Season 6 of 2012 from where she gained fame.

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