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Samsung unveils new foldable Z flip phone and it’s quite pricey!

Samsung has revealed its new Galaxy S20 and a foldable flip phone – at a huge price. Many users expressed surprise at cost of the new phones.

The new handsets are packed with the latest technology, including a bendy display that allows the Z Flip to fold right across its screen, according to the Independent.

But they are also very expensive, with the price of the S20 starting at $999. The Z Flip costs just under $1,400, which the company said was focused on early adopters.

As well as the bending screen in the Z Flip, the new Galaxy phones – the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra – feature high-powered cameras and better support for 5G. They will arrive on 13 March.

They come at a difficult time for Samsung, which made headlines in becoming the first high-profile company to release a bending phone, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. That launch went wrong after it was revealed that early models appeared to have defective screens that would break as they were bent.

The Galaxy Z Flip includes similar technology but has received more positive reviews from early critics.

The device opens and closes vertically, much like classic flip phones from the early 2000s, and also features a smaller outer screen which displays notifications when the device is shut.

Samsung’s Rebecca Hirst said the Z Flip was “another giant step forward” for the company, describing it as a “new kind of device for a new decade of innovation”.

The foldable will go on sale later this month, Samsung confirmed.

It was introduced at a live event alongside three new versions of the company’s flagship Galaxy S20 range.

All three of the new phones feature what Samsung calls Space Zoom, a new feature in the rear camera system which will allow users to zoom in up to 30 times on the S20 and S20+, and up to 100 times on the S20 Ultra – previously unheard of in a smartphone.

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