Saboor Aly, Ali Ansari

Saboor Aly chooses actor Ali Ansari as her life partner

Actress Saboor Aly has chosen actor Ali Ansari as her spouse and made the announcement on social media

The well-known couple from the showbiz industry shared a photo on social media in which both the artists are looking very happy with necklaces around their necks.

Sharing the photo with Ali Ansari on social media, Saboor Aly wrote, “Baat Paki” With the best wishes of our family, I am going to start a new journey of life with an amazing person, Alhamdulillah.

Actor Ali Ansari was not far behind on this happy occasion. He also shared a photo with Saboor Aly on social media and wrote that ‘Baat Paki’. I have mixed feelings at the moment but the most important thing is that I am happy. ۔ Addressing Saboor Aly, Ali Ansari wrote that in life you will never have to travel alone.

On this occasion, Ali Ansari also shared the translation of a verse of the Holy Quran “And we made pairs of all so that you may remember each other”. 

Congratulations to the couple and best wishes for the future from social media users. Zaheer Khan wrote that there is big and amazing news for me, I pray to Allah Almighty to keep both of them happy.

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