Sabeen Farooq

Sabeena Farooq’s latest photoshoot exudes elegance

Sabeena Farooq, a fresh face in the entertainment industry, continues to captivate audiences with her versatile performances.

With a knack for portraying both positive and negative characters flawlessly, she initially gained attention for her role as Haya in ‘Tere Bin,’ becoming a sensation on social media with countless memes dedicated to her character.

Despite being associated with negativity, her dazzling portrayal of Barbeena in ‘Kabli Pulao’ has completely transformed her image, earning her a dedicated fan base.

Barbeena’s character not only showcases her exceptional talent but also her enchanting chemistry with Haji Sahab, making them a trending topic every week. Audiences are smitten with Barbeena’s strength and innocence, reflecting Sabeena’s incredible acting prowess.

Recently, she was spotted playing dress-up in bridal galore for an alluring fashion shoot that has left us all awestruck. Dressed in a wedding trousseau, the Suno Chanda 2 star looked divine in her heavily embellished outfit from Zoya Beauty.

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