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Rural women to be provided ‘goats and hens’, says Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan made an announcement on Wenesday (March 27) that women living in rural areas will be provided with goats and hens.

He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of poverty alleviation programme in Islamabad,’ PM Khan stressed that poverty in villages is on the rise, adding that one way to eradicate poverty from rural Pakistan was to uplift the rural women.

The prime minister said, government will provide goats and hen to the women which will not only improve the nutrition of women, children and families but will also increase their income.

He opined, ‘city dwellers didn’t understand the impact of such tried and tested models, which will change the lives of those living in villages.’

Another focus of the government is on kitchen gardening, providing the villagers with seeds, through the edible oil companies, distributed amongst the households, for sowing their own vegetables for domestic consumption and sale point of view.

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