Churna Island, coral reefs

Research begins on coral reefs near Charna Island

The Balochistan Department has started an investigation on coral reefs in the case of white dead coral reefs near Charna Island.

WWF Pakistan experts have warned about white dead coral reefs near Charna Island.

The Balochistan Environment Department has taken notice of the TV channels report and for the first time started an investigation on coral reefs.

An important component of marine biodiversity is the coral reefs, which are home to aquatic life around the world as well as protecting beaches from dangerous waves and storms. The effects of climate change have begun to whitewash coral reefs in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s coastline is more than a thousand kilometers, but coral reefs are found in a very short part.

So far, 50 species of coral reefs have been discovered in Pakistan, including Charna Island, Stola, Ormara, Jiwani and other parts of Gwadar.

Coral reefs are an important part of the marine ecosystem and are home to aquatic life. Coral reefs are considered more important than the forests of Africa and Latin America in terms of biodiversity and productivity. But due to climate change, coral reefs in Pakistan are turning white and dying.

Large white sections of coral reefs have been spotted for the first time while diving around Charna Island.

Experts say marine pollution, industrial activity and net grazing are a threat to the island’s biodiversity.

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