Mahira Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood

REPLUG: When Shah Rukh praised Mahira Khan for her talent…

Mahira Khan mustered immense fame on the other side of the border, after starring with Shah Rukh Khan in blockbuster hit Raees. 

While their on-screen chemistry woved many, a large number of people wondered what it was like for Mahira to work with a superstar. 

More so, many even thought what SRK had to say about romancing the ravishing starlet from Pakistan.

Mahira Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood

In an earlier interview with Instep, SRK gushed over Mahira and revealed that she is an brilliant artist, who puts in a lot of effort in her craft.

 “First I’ll talk professionally. Mahira is a really fine actor. And she’s very different. She’s very quiet. A Hindi film is a world in itself and she’s fortunate to have come in a film like Raees, which is still a little more realistic than the likes of Dilwale or Happy New Year,” SRK revealed.

“What’s nice about her is that she’s so unassuming. She’s such a big star but she’s very unassuming on the set and she’s ready to adapt to the situation, which is very interesting. The bigger the star you are, the more nervous you get; I still get very nervous. I hide my nervousness with my flamboyance. But Mahira’s really, really nice as an actor,” the actor par excellence further said.

SRK added that Mahira is very generous and that she also got him a very special gift from Pakistan.

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