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REPLUG: This office door in UAE doesn’t open until you smile!

A company in the UAE has put in place a creative electronic system at an exit door, which doesn’t open until a customer smiles at the door.

At the Public Transport Corporation, clients would need to smile to activate the sensor to slide the doors open, according to a report.

If a customer does not smile, indicating their dissatisfaction, executives at the centre would assist him/her to resolve the issue.

According to Omar Mohammed Lootah, chief operating officer, operations, at the corporation, the initiative will help increase customer satisfaction.

“The smile breaks the office monotony and brings life to the organisation,” he said.

As soon as customers enter the corporation office, ‘Marhabani’ staff – who can speak Arabic, English, Urdu and Bengali – greet them.

“State-of-the-art lounges await customers inside, including separate lounges for women and men,” said Lootah, according to a report in the Arab media.

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