Ayesha Gunn, Khuram Razaq, jail, UK

REPLUG: Female prison guard in UK jailed for affair with Pakistani inmate

A prison officer, named Ayesha Gunn, in the United Kingdom has been jailed for a year over her relationship with a Pakistani inmate.

Prison guard Ayesha Gunn, 27, was in an affair with 29-year-old inmate Khuram Razaq, and had posted a photo of them kissing in his cell.

She was also accused of bringing mobile, clothes and a smartwatch into the prison for Razaq.

They contacted at least more than 1,200 times via three separate phone numbers.

Ayesha Gunn, Khuram Razaq, jail, UK

Gunn was working as a prison officer at the jail when she was arrested in November 2018 on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

The couple swapped adult videos and inappropriate pictures.

Razaq who was serving a sentence of 10 years, for conspiracy to rob, also charged for holding illegal items – provided by the MHP prison officer.

Ayesha Gunn, Khuram Razaq, jail, UK

It all started when colleagues of the charged prison officers noticed that Gunn spent a lot of time with Razaq and went in his cell for long periods.

The suspicious activities led to an internal investigation and upon his in-cell official phone examination, their secret affair was exposed.

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