Ramsha Khan, Ali Abbas

Rimsha Khan reveals her relationship with actor Ali Abbas

Pakistani actress Ramsha Khan for the first time in public explained her relationship with actor Ali Abbas after rumours about them gained momentum.

Actress Ramsha Khan is currently playing the lead role in the drama serial ‘Ghisi Pitti Mohabbat’ which is being aired on a private channel.

Ramsha Khan attended a program on a private channel and answered various questions from the host. The actress said that it was a good experience to work with Wahaj Ali, Shahud Alvi and Ali Abbas in the play.

In response to a question from the host, actress Khan said that “I call Ali Abbas Ali Bhai because he is my cousin.”

The host of the show asked how he is her cousins. Responding to this, the actress said that Ali Abbas was her first cousin and he was the son of her real aunt.

The actress further said that when she met Ali Abbas on the set of the play, it was realized that he is a very cheerful person but this is her second play with Wahaj Ali. He and I are very good friends.

Regarding Shahud Alvi, he said that Shahud Bhai used to make us laugh a lot on the sets. We completed the shooting of the play by laughing and playing.

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