Rabi Pirzada, drawing, painting, Fatima Jinnah

Rabi Pirzada talks about negative impact of social media trends on youth

Recently, a dance video went viral and made TikToker Ayesha an instant hit not only in Pakistan but also in India. But Rabi Pirzada has an important take on the matter.

In the wake of such events, there are some people with a genuine concern for society as a whole and the powerful influence of social media on the future generations.

While Ayesha enjoys the fact that her groovy dance is being copied by legendary actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Pakistan’s former singer Rabi Pirzada is in a dilemma whether Pakistani media should promote such content or not.

The Dahdi Kuree singer, who once was a viral sensation mainly for her powerful vocals and her love for exotic animals, recently sat down for an interview to discuss the negative influence and questionable trends on social media platforms in Pakistan.

For the unversed, Pirzada herself was caught in a scandal that led her to change her path and embrace the religious way of life.

In an interview with Waseem Badami, the Chori Chori singer opined on people going viral via dance videos. Pirzada suggested that our society is stooping low day by day as we idolize men who imitate women and women who dance to to become famous.

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