Queen Elizabeth, London, code word, death, London Bridge is Down

Queen Elizabeth’s death will be conveyed in this code word…

UK’s Queen Elizabeth is 94 years old and anybody interested in the affairs of the British monarchy remains curious what will happen after her death.

‘London Bridge is down” is the code to signal Queen Elizabeth II’s death. As a result, the Royal Family’s website will be turned black and news reporters will also wear black on camera.

Her son will become King Charles III following the death of the monarch.

According to a report in Guardian, the last time a British monarch died, 65 years ago, the demise of George VI was conveyed in a code word, “Hyde Park Corner”, to Buckingham Palace, to prevent switchboard operators from finding out.

“For Elizabeth II, the plan for what happens next is known as “London Bridge.” The prime minister will be informed and civil servants will say “London Bridge is down” on secure lines.

The report said from the Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre the news will go out to the 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is also the head of state and the 36 other nations of the Commonwealth for whom she has served as a symbolic figurehead.

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