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PTA asks Twitter to take action against those behind anti-Pakistan propaganda

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday asked Twitter to take action against the accounts spreading blatant lies about Pakistan.

The PTA made the request after comic hashtag mentioning civil war and bloodshed in Sindh, particularly Karachi, topped trends on the social media platform suggesting the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement leaders along with the police were fighting against the armed forces and killing each other for the control of the mega city.

Hashtag #CivilWarInPakistan drew more than 18,700 tweets while #CivilWarinKarachi over 3,384 tweets. A glance at the messages, footage and animated clips shared only gives an impression of mockery. But they were floated as if they were true.

These tweets, despite being comical, were floated from serious accounts, too, as @bookscache referred to CNN News18, saying, “#CivilWarInPakistan has gone out of control, both sides using gunships and artillery guns. Casualties feared to cross both World Wars combined, Pakistani opposition party leaders are seen in military uniforms fighting fiercely. UN likely to intervene.”

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